A Weird Dude, an iPod, and a battery walk into a shop…

Weird Guy walks into the shop.

“Hi, can we help you?” My co-worker says.

“No.” Weird guy just looks out the shop windows, ear buds in.

“Well if we can be of any help just let us know.” My co-worker says.

I come around from the tech area to lounge casually on a counter in the corner to observe, always about the shoplifting.

A few other customers come in, buy stuff, leave, and I’m helping out with the human interaction. after looking expectantly at my coworker, with a little sag of his shoulders that my male co-worker looks busy at the till computer typing, Weird Guy approaches me.

“Can you guys replace iPod batteries? Nobody in town will replace my iPod battery! I have the battery…” Weird Guy has a backpack and he reaches in to produce a consumer item in plastic packaging.

“Why will nobody else in town replace your iPod battery?” I go right to the chase.

He holds out a piece of paper with $45.99 written on it. “That Apple store around the corner wants to charge me that much!”

“That’s our minimum fee as well.” I feel a very very strange sense of cognitive dissonance while I back up an Apple policy.

“In fact, it might end up being closer to $90 due to the labour, those things are very hard to work on and I can’t guarantee it will only take half an hour to do the job.”

I kinda don’t want to work on an iPod, and I know my co-worker hates hates hates working on them, so I’m not doing much selling at this point.

I ask if he’s tried at a popular phone repair store in town due to the miniaturization of parts.

“No!” He yells. “I’m not going there!”

“Well if you aren’t willing to pay for the service of a trained technician to do it for you, have you considered looking it up on YouTube? There will be tons of tutorials.”

“But I don’t want to do that!” His tone has gone sulky now.

I raise my hands and shrug my shoulders.

Weird Dude finally leaves the shop.


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